Top Laminating Pouches Which Are Famous

If you want to ensure that all your precious documents remain safe over the years then laminating is the only way. The laminators that are used in the market are extremely versatile. To use the laminators correctly you should always choose the right pouch for the machine. There are five different types of laminating pouches that are used widely. Here is the description of the pouches so that you can make a knowledgeable decision while buying them from the market.

laminating pouches

Letter size

The most popular pouch is the letter sized one. You can use these pouches in various ways. The players use these pouches so that the seasonal plan does not get ruined in the field. The businessmen use these pouches to laminate the safety signs or call lists to make sure that all those documents remain safe. The schools use this pouches to post notices on the board. This is considered to be the most versatile pouch which is available in the market.

Luggage Tag Pouch

These kind of laminating pouches are most popular among the trade shows all around the world. They work great to laminate the visitors’ business cards for safe keeping. They are also used to cover the marketing materials of different companies. The airlines also use these kinds of package to promote different destinations and products. You can simply use them to cover the luggage tag before you begin the next journey.

laminating pouch

ID Batch Pouches

These pouches are used to produce ID cards through the lamination machine. Instead of buying an expensive ID card system, you can just buy these pouches to make new cards.

Menu Size

This is considered to be one of the most efficient of laminating pouches. Using these pouches you can easily laminate large paper or card. This is most efficient in laminating big pieces of documents such as marriage and birth certificates. They are also great for the restaurants as these pouches are almost indestructible.

Custom Pouches

You can laminate anything using these types of pouches. These cost a little more than the precut pouches, however, they are popular as they serve the customers according to their need.

There are other features that you should consider before buying any laminating pouches.

thermal laminating pouches


These are probably the most common types of pouches. The adhesive of such pouches is activated by the heat of the machine. These will prevent your documents to become discolored or faded. Some of these types of pouches even protect the document from UV rays.


If you want to do a cold lamination, then this is the type of pouch that you should buy. It is great for laminating heat sensitive objects like photographs. You can find some of these pouches which are re-sealable. In these packages, you can re-laminate the document in case if you made any mistakes.



These pouches are widely available in the market. This pouch helps to make the documents more peppy and lively. Each of the pouches has a colored back and a clear front.

There are wide varieties of laminating pouches available in the market. You just need to decide which type is the best for you and buy accordingly.


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